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Posted by Vinnie V. on October 8, 2010 at 3:11 PM

      Composed, Arranged, Engineered, and Performed by  Vinnie V.   BMI

Keyboard Bass, Horns, Sound Effects, and  Sampling Keys  by  Vinnie V.  BMI

Drum Programming , and Lead Vocal of "Tiny Butter Bing Ding"  by  Vinnie V.  BMI

Vocoder, and Backing Vocals  by  Robert Clements  ASCAP

Electronic Drums and Percussion  by  Alejandro Lopez   (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

            This song was composed with the sole intent to be a relief from seriousness

And to poke fun at, life in general terms, as seen through the eyes of

Our main charactor and lead singer, "Tiny Butter Bing Ding" .

The song's setting begins in Los Angeles, California at the LAX International Airport

Sit back and relax..... while our man on the scene "Tiny Butter Bing Ding" explains why

He could easily be the luckiest man on Earth!!!!!!!!!     Enjoy!  

                                                              Copyright All Rights Reserved


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0 Comments FUNKY (HOT) BEACH
Posted by Vinnie V. on October 8, 2010 at 3:11 PM

     I wrote this song on my Ensoniq KT 76 workstation keyboard one afternoon during band

rehearsal while on a 20 minute break inside my HOT funky garage sweating to the 112-118

degree tempature heatwave California had last summer 2014. So I named it "FUNKY BEACH"

as a joke due to the extreme temp in my garage/rehearsal hall ! I had no help on this one,

since I was the only one crazy enough to stay inside the HOT garage during our break.

It's just me playing all the tracks. lol !!!

Gotta love it ! Enjoy! 8)


To show you how much your visit hear means to me,.... I posted the whole song!

not some damn clip of a song!

                                                          Copyright All Rights Reserved

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