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Posted by Vinnie V. on October 4, 2010 at 11:48 PM

           This was the first song I recorded without a drum machine. 

All drum tracks were performed on my Ensoniq EPS sampling workstation.

The seagulls in the intro, were courtesy the nearby landfill sampled by myself 

while standing on top of my ford truck in the middle of an ocean of garbage!

The ocean  sample was from the Ensoniq EPS Clasic Library Sounds.

The bass guitar was performed live by my friend Ryan. I asked him to use a 

fretless bass for the intro and verse and a fretted P-bass for the chorus. 

I enlisted the guitar player from the band I was gigging  with, 

(The Joe MaMa Band)  a gentleman we called  "Captain Jack"  A.K.A.  Dave  McKeen

to perform the guitar track.

I played my  Selmer VII  soprano sax  for all the saxophone  tracks.

I used a Roland S-10 and Ensoniq EPS for all the other tracks including horns.

Composed and Arranged by  Vinnie V.

Recorded  August 1991 in the laundry room of my home in Southern Oregon.

This song is dedicated to my dear loving sister "Carla" . Peace Sis ! 

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