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0 Comments FUNKY (HOT) BEACH
Posted by Vinnie V. on September 24, 2010 at 3:07 PM

     I wrote this song on my Ensoniq KT 76 workstation keyboard one afternoon during band

rehearsal while on a 20 minute break inside my HOT funky garage sweating to the 112-118

degree tempature heatwave California had last summer 2014. So I named it "FUNKY BEACH"

as a joke due to the extreme temp in my garage/rehearsal hall ! I had no help on this one,

since I was the only one crazy enough to stay inside the HOT garage during our break.

It's just me playing all the tracks. lol !!!

Gotta love it ! Enjoy! 8)


To show you how much your visit hear means to me,.... I posted the whole song!

not some damn clip of a song!

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Tags: Dance pop funk