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Posted by Vinnie V. on January 4, 2016 at 2:06 AM

       Back in the 1990's I was in Sacramento CA. (My Home Town)

 And I was seeking out a Jazz Fusion group to play with,

 That’s when I found the group "Interplay", a local group that had

 Been playing Jazz Fusion Originals  together for a year or two.

 Interplay consisted of a drums, percussion, guitar, and bass.

 I met with the guitar player Shaun Mahan who was also

 The group’s leader, composer, arranger, as well as a schoolmate of mine.

 Shaun and I met twice for an hour or two prior to this recording (by invitation from the

 Faculty at Sacramento City College this song was recorded, engineered and digitally

Mastered onsite by the students of S.S.C.).

I remember attending the recording session that day. I was eager to please!

I was so pumped up,  I laid my sax solo track in just two recording takes.

It was a proud and fun introduction into a refreshing, light, humble,

Talented group of musicians known as "INTERPLAY”.

Take A Listen & Enjoy !

Composed By Shaun Mahan

Arranged By Shaun Mahan

Performed By:

Tenor Saxophone, (Courtesy Of BMI) Vinnie V.

Electric Guitar,  Shaun Mahan

Congas and Percussion, Joe Garcia

Bass Guitar,  Brian Kennedy

Drums,  Eddie Mendoza


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