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Posted by Vinnie V. on September 14, 2013 at 5:38 AM

I wrote "Never Go Away" in the late 1980s while working in Alaska with a

Top 40 band from Sacramento California by the name of "Spectrum".

We were performing nightly in beautiful  Sitka Alaska.

It was one late afternoon before our show started,  I left my hotel room 

Walked downstairs into the hotel's lounge and sat down at the baby grand piano.

I had been missing my girlfriend and was feeling sad and lonely when this 

Song fell out of my head and on to the piano keys.

   Those feelings and that song stayed with me for some time, It wasn't until 1994 that

I was able to record and bring to life "Never Go Away".

Composed and Arranged by Vinnie V. BMI

Lyrics written by Vinnie V. BMI

SR-16 Drum Machine programming by  Randy Pratt, Vinnie V. BMI

Lead Vocals performed by Robert Clements ASCAP, and Vinnie V. BMI

Backround Vocals performed by Robert Clements ASCAP, and Vinnie V. BMI

Baby Grand Piano, Plucked Strings, Cello, Analog Bass, Orchestral Srings, Bells, Pads and Voice Samples Performed on Ensoniq EPS Clasic Sampling Keyboard Workstation by Vinnie V. BMI

Recorded at Diamond Productions Studio in Southern Oregon


Copyright All Rights Reserved

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Tags: Rock & roll top 40 pop

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